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I'm Michael Fingold and my love of food began at an early age. Over the years, it has evolved to the point of obsession. 

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here.  My food is not chi chi or pretentious, but is approachable, comfortable and exceptional. Although I am well rounded, my specialties include pasta and other Italian foods, and an extraordinary steak.

Let's talk if you're ready for an unforgettable experience.

The Drop by EpicureJunkie

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The Drop

The Drop, is a concept where your favorite meals are delivered to you at its prime, all prepared to reheat or assemble with detailed instructions.


Looking to make an occasion extra special? And turnkey? Birthday parties, private events, weddings, we do it all!

Culinary Concierge

With vast culinary experience, we are happy to assist you with anything cooking, kitchens, equipment etc! Menu consulting, kitchen design, cooking lessons, and more!


The finest and best ingredients sourced locally and around the world, brought to you the way you want it.

Whether it's a private event, a celebration, or whatever the case is, we are excited to work with you and bring you a culinary experience beyond your wildest dreams. With years spent studying, appreciating, and obsessing over food, you can trust us when it matters most.