Year after year, we have continued to raise the bar and delight many of our clients for events of all shapes and sizes. Our expertise and passion will bring you the perfect menu to satisfy your every need and execute your catered event, to perfection.


We offer two different types of catering experiences:


The Epicure Junkie Experience

Michael and the team will come in for the night with a carefully designed tasting menu to suit your every needs, whether it is dining style (hors d'oeuvre, mains, and desserts) or cocktail style (select items shared cocktail style throughout the night), we are here to entertain and delight your guests.


Epicure Junkie Custom Delivered

Have items you want that isn't offered in The Cafe? We have an entire custom order sheet and if something isn't there, we'd be thrilled to bring your dreams to life.


You can view our catering menu here

For all inquiries you can fill out our catering form here or contact us directly at: or call (416) 887-1550