My name is Michael Fingold and my love of food began at an early age. Over the years this love has evolved to the point where I would consider it an obsession. As both a graduate of culinary school and having worked in the food industry, I have spent many years tasting, studying, appreciating, and mostly, obsessing over food!!

I would consider my cooking style to be “real” and dependent on high quality ingredients. At the same time, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here.  My food is not chi chi, but is approachable, comfortable and exceptional. Although I am well rounded, my specialties include pasta and other Italian foods, and an extraordinary “steak experience! I am proud to source out the finest and best ingredients in Toronto. On occasion, I am happy to import certain products by request.


Year after year, we have continued to raise the bar and delight many of our clients for events of all shapes and sizes. 

Our expertise and passion will bring you the perfect menu to satisfy your every need and execute your catered event, to perfection.